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Peak 10W40 SN/CF Engine Oil 20L


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Semi Syn 10W/40 SN/CF is a premium quality API SN/CF engine oil boosted
with fully synthetic base oils to provide increased engine protection through
increased oxidation resistance. It is suitable for most types of petrol, diesel,
and LPG four-stroke engines under both severe and varied operating conditions.
It is ideal for use in the professional workshop.
Semi Syn 10W/40 SN/CF is boosted with Group III base oil to
help reduce engine oil oxidation, giving more protection from
piston deposits compared to standard SN engine oils.
Engine cleanliness is also promoted by the increased level
of dispersants in Semi Syn 10W/40 SN/CF. The special additives
inhibit the formation of sludge especially under the constant
cold temperature operation of urban motoring.
Semi Syn 10W/40 SN/CF is excellent for cold starting
as it has good fluidity characteristics, and provides increased
engine life as the wear rates for both cams and bearings
are decreased compared to less advanced oils.
The high-temperature performance of Semi Syn 10W/40 SN/CF
is also enhanced by the selection of more the thermally
stable Group III base oils, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity improvers
and detergents.Semi Syn 10W/40 SN/CF is suitable for use
in both high-speed high-temperature motorway driving or low-temperature
stop-and-go driving, and in engines with small clearances.
Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for
the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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