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Peak 5W30 C3 Full Synthetic Engine Oil 20L


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Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 is a full synthetic, low SAPS, super high
performance engine oil which combines the latest development
in oil formulation and additive technology to provide a lubricating oil with
the highest level of protection.
Today’s environmentally conscious market demands reduced emissions
and increased fuel efficiency. This has led to the development
Of new engine designs resulting in demands for higher quality lubricants.
In recent years car manufacturers have developed smaller,
higher output engines to meet stricter fuel economy limits.
Small engines help decrease vehicle weight and improve
economy but these engines impact lubricants through:
Increased heat which accelerates the rate of oil oxidation,
nitration and deposit formation. This degrades the oil and
encourages the creation of more acid and increases viscosity.
Increased pressure and speed which makes it harder
for the oil to maintain a lubricant film to prevent metal on metal contact.
This accelerates valve train wear.
Emission Control. Most of today’s petrol engines are fitted with
three way catalytic converters which reduce emissions of CO, NOx
and unburned carbon. These catalytic converters comprise
a Reduction Catalyst, which converts NOx to harmless Nitrogen,
and an Oxidation Catalyst which burns the CO and hydrocarbons.
Catalytic converters however are susceptible to SAPS
(Sulfated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulfur) which are present
In engine oil detergents, anti-wear additives and base oils.


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